25 Ways How Enlightenment is Like a Never Ending Orgasm

  1. You really, really want it
  2. You're distracted until you get it
  3. You get frustrated if you don't get it
  4. You think you are in control but you are not
  5. It pulls you in
  6. You are always on the edge
  7. You feel it in every cell of your body
  8. You totally give yourself (before)
  9. You completely give yourself up (during)
  10. It contracts and expands at the same time
  11. You feel it in your body - and somewhere else
  12. It transports you outside of space and time
  13. It takes your breath away
  14. It makes you happy to be alive
  15. You feel compassion, joy and openness
  16. You sense eternity and infinity
  17. You can't imagine what it is until you experience it
  18. You don't need another one
  19. Past, present and future become one
  20. The Earth shakes
  21. Time stands still
  22. You become soft and loving like a baby
  23. You become one with another
  24. Nothing else matters
  25. Love!

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