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20 Jan 2019. Sunday. 7pm-10pm Helsinki (5pm London, Noon New York)
Experience Enlightenment Vibrating in All Spaces Simultaneously
Asymptotically approach the infinity point where all matter dissolves on the event horizon, leaving only pure vibration. We will have arrived at the borders of Enlightenment, where nothing stays the same for even the briefest of moments.
Enlightenment Transmission Retreat The Islands, Finland
28 Feb-7 Mar 2019. Thursday 6pm-Thursday 4pm
Sharing Enlightenment Transmission Unlimited
Bathe in Enlightenment Transmission in pure nature and have fun unwinding psychic tensions. Enable participants to source, store and share Enlightenment Transmission. Enlightenment Transmission is for humanity, our planet and eternity.
Enlightenment Transmission Retreat The Islands, Finland
13 Jun-20 Jun 2019. Thursday 6pm-Thursday 4pm
Enlightenment Transmission Day Midnight Sun Summer Island Retreat
On this fully-immersive interactive retreat you will see the famous Midnight Sun in Finland and directly experience the raw power of Enlightenment Transmission Day.

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