Jesus Christmas Intensive Helsinki, Finland
06 Dec 2007 (Independence Day) 12:00-15:00 Thursday
Jesus' Sending Out The 72 In The Spirit of Transmission
jesus Each year, before the Winter Solstice, Oshana Enlightenment Transmission students gather in remembrance of Jesus Christ.

Jesus' faithfulness to the Holy Spirit allowed others to directly know God.

For thousands of years humans have lived in spiritual darkness. Ignorant of their true nature and purpose they have wrought untold destruction, where instead they could have brought great harmony and prosperity for all sentient beings. Even basic knowledge like how to properly welcome in new human life has been lost.

To rectify this situation, an intelligent spiritual energy, a Messenger, issued forth from Absolute Consciousness, the source of The Creation. That energy is known today as the Enlightenment Transmission because it has the power to make everyone it touches truly free and wise, in a word, to enlighten.

In Jesus' day the Enlightenment Transmission was known as the Holy Spirit.

The same Enlightenment Transmission continues to propagate itself on the planet today through humans sufficiently free of ego to follow its guidance.

The Enlightenment Transmission has a plan and a timetable but the successful completion of that plan depends on our response -- whether, we stay in the old world energy or bravely enter the new world energy.

Jesus' execution of the Divine Plan was to send out 12 and then 72 participants filled with the spirit of the Transmission. The sacred knowledge of what that really meant and how it was to be done has largely been lost to humanity. But even the most ordinary person can still sense that the power of Jesus' Message and its deep relevance to our existence. This is especially obvious at especially at Christmas and Easter time.

Today, it is time to understand what Jesus was attempting to achieve and more importantly to fulfil your own sacred duty through the expression of your life.

You are called to understand ancient mission of the 72 and if you are part of that lineage, today.

Dave Oshana continues in the heart and spirit of Jesus by sharing the Enlightenment Transmission and Teaching with all who are lead to receive it.

Pre-registration is required to receive orientation for this event. Pre-registration is welcomed from anyone who has attended an Oshana Teaching meeting and those who feel a special affinity with Jesus.

Please book early to reserve your place by contacting OshanaOffice.


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