Deeper Understanding Intensive Central Helsinki, Finland
02 Feb 2008. 14:00-18:00. Saturday
Unshakable Self-Confidence Through Absolute Self-Realisation
spiritual explanation Confidence. Everyone wants it. Many fake it. Only a few feel that they really have it.

What's the secret of unshakeable self-confidence? How can I have it?

Actually, there is no secret. Self-confidence is not an accessory but an absolute necessity. A person with no confidence is unable to act with self-autonomy.

To a large degree every human being has lost their self-confidence because they have lost their self-awareness and purpose.

The easiest way to ensure self-confidence is to never lose it. Have you noticed that babies have endless self-confidence and enthusiasm? It is truly tragic when they lose it - the price of admittance to the so-called "human race".

Given that so many have lost their self-confidence by the time that they reach their teenage years, then the only solution is a recovery operation.

What is it that has been lost when self-confidence has been lost?

Security, certainty, self-awareness, the ability to discern and discriminate and act spontaneously without doubt and inhibition - these are qualities which are lost.

First of all, let's be clear about what does not work. Material acquisitions and attainments do not solve the problem of lacking self-confidence. If they temporarily seem to then time and changing circumstances will surely change them.

A permanent solution does not depend on external situations.

A person who lacks self-confidence has, by definition, lost faith in their own qualities and abilities.

This unfortunate situation ensues when a person does not know who they are.

Self-realisation is simply the re-gaining of the awareness of ones true nature. It is the ability to correctly perceive the world and to know the correct course of action. You can call that Enlightenment.

There is an energy which exists to help you get beyond your psychological and emotional obstructions. It is called the Enlightenment Transmission and it is available for all who truly want to recover their lost abilities and start living their life.

To get ready for this experience you should start eating fresh foods and drinking many litres of pure water everyday. Some general advice can be found here Intensive Preparation.

On the actual day of the Intensive you might experience a range of stimulating activities from the comprehensive Oshana Teaching including the purifying Oshana Energy-Work Method, Guided Transmission Meditation and Transformational Talking (lecture with questions and answers).

NOTE: Spaces are limited. It is strongly recommended that new students attend the evening Life Mastery lecture on 30.01 Total Happiness In An Age Of Uncertainty. To pre-register please email your name

(include some information about yourself if you have never attended an Intensive).
Doors will be shut when meeting starts.


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