Life Mastery Series Helsinki, Finland
07 May 2008. 18:00-20:00. Wednesday
Successful Love, Sex and Marriage
tant--ra statue couple
British psychologist and spiritual teacher Dave Oshana opens a deep spiritual portal through which to view love, sex and marriage.

While not the top of most spiritual seeker's agendas, especially for monks and nuns, love and sex holds top position on many people's happiness wish lists. Food would hold a higher place in the survival stakes and is often integrated into the romantic love package as an aphrodisiacal entrée. Witness, chocolate, it's everywhere in all it's various forms.

Since most of you are going be doing IT, i.e. sex, before getting IT, i.e. enlightenment, self-realisation - it makes sense to begin to understand what sex and romance are all about and then decide how far one wants to go along that Shangri-La road. It's like with food - you don't want to stay with Pot Noodle forever, you want to give your taste buds a run and treat your stomach with kindness and respect.

What this lecture is not is a technical how-to-do IT type of Joy of Sex manual. It's not about finding the G-Spot or any other "aha" spot but the point is to get why you do the sweaty dance of the hump-backed whale - it's not exactly the stuff of Strictly Come Dancing or on second thoughts maybe it literally is that. If it was only about orgasm then I am sure that more convenient methods are on offer rather than the sort of stuff that brings President's to their knees (but not their candidacies).

So love and sex are there for a purpose just like the breakfast smorgasbord buffet on the overnight boat to Sweden. But how to get in and out, make the right moves and choices and avoid ending up standing alone, broken hearted and frustrated with the drunks at the harbour taxi rank when the love boat comes into port?

There is a deep energetic purpose to love and sex. Succeed at it and at least you will have one less thing to get right.

This fourth lecture in the Life Mastery Lecture Series gives an awareness of spiritual sex and relationships. Other lectures focus on the happiness of you, your partners, babies, children and eventually the whole planet.

Dave Oshana is a spiritual teacher and psychology graduate with additional training in counselling, psychotherapy, body therapies and movement arts. His Oshana Energy-Work system has been featured in Anna-lehti. Oshana teaches a fully comprehensive belief-free results-based spiritual system which involves direct experience and practical living.

Paasivuorenkatu 8 D, sisäpiha
00530 Helsinki

10 mins from Central Railway Station (Buses 62,67 & 72) or 3 mins from Hakaniemi Metro

Please arrive early to gain entry and a seat.
Doors shut after meeting begins.

There will be time to ask questions to Dave, register for more events in Finland and buy lecture CDs.


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