The Human Dimension Central Helsinki, Finland
14 Sept 2008. 11:00-15:00. Sunday
Living, Loving and Dying
tan--tra couple Living, loving and dying - 3 vital themes in the Oshana Life Mastery Teaching. The aim is to improve quality of life for self and others through direct experience of the Truth. No dogmas, no rules. You find The Way.

The first two areas, living and loving, are to do with human life. The last area, death, is simply the ongoing journey to know all of existence - but in this case without a body. It is because death exists that life is made more precious - not meaningless.

Few people are fully conscious of all aspects of their lives including eating, love-making, birthing and parenting. Yet, for human life to improve then awareness must grow to allow infinite variety and possibilities.

Death, compared to living and loving, is the least personally investigated aspect of life. Because of this it is feared and misunderstood - and as a subject and a fact of life often both denied and avoided.

It is vitally important that we start to understand to where death leads and how it fits into the rich tapestry of existence. We need to know, first of all for ourselves but secondly to help others. It is an obvious deficiency that modern society gives the dying every sort of medical care but typically gives zero spiritual care. The dying are on an inevitable journey which medicine cannot prevent but only delay. The dying patient needs to know what is on the other side and to prepare for it.

This intensive aims to give an understanding of death because we all will face death and need to embrace and accept it for ourselves and others.

Every Oshana Intensive catalyses transformation and change in the mind, emotions, body and spiritual parts of you. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you prepare by eating fresh foods and drinking plenty of pure water everyday. General advice, which you might enjoy following, can be found on the following web-page Intensive Preparation.

The structure and content of each Oshana Intensive varies according to the needs of those present but might include Oshana Energy-Work Method, Guided Transmission Meditation and Transformational Talking.

To pre-register please email OshanaOffice Finland your name (you need to include some information about yourself if you have never attended an Intensive to determine if this class is appropriate for you). Orientation information including preparation, guidance and venue details will be emailed to everyone who registers.
Doors will be shut when meeting starts.


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