Hengen ja Tiedon messut Helsinki, Finland
18-19 Oct 2008. 12:00-13:45 - Sat & Sun
Dave Oshana's Seminars in Hengen ja Tiedon messut
Spiritual psychologist Dave Oshana gives two unique seminars about happiness on at Helsinki's Hengen ja Tiedon messut (exhibition) on Saturday and Sunday the 18th and 19th Oct 2008 in the seminar room (4th floor) at 12:00-13:45 each day.

oshana exhibition
Saturday 18th October
Unshakeable Confidence in One's Sacred Life Purpose
There is only one right choice in each moment. The mind is too slow to figure it. Only your soul's intuition can show you the way. I reveal an energy, a teaching and techniques which will take you out of the mind and into the moment where you will find unlimited wisdom and unshakeable confidence.

Sunday 19th October
Absolute Freedom: Soul Level Karma-Free Action
Visit the birthplace of your soul, your true home, where all actions are karma-free and in harmony with the Universe and the Will of God. Understand the (Bodhisattva) principle of living to end pain and suffering of others. See beyond the illusory curtain of this world and realise the absolute freedom which you have inherited.

Hengen ja Tiedon Messut
Mini-Seminar Room, 4th Floor
Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu
Isonnevantie 8

Both mini-seminars will be translated from English to Finnish.


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