Oshana Energy-Work Class Central Helsinki, Finland
23 Oct 2008. 18:00-20:00. Thursday
Release Stress - Receive Vitality
energy-work posture adjustment Life provides us with the vitality we need. We get that vitality physically (from eating and breathing) and energetically from inspiration, relationships and the Creation.

Oshana Energy-Work Method works with both the physical structure and energetic field of the human body, opens up our senses and our ability to receive vitality elements from our environment, whilst avoiding unhelpful elements, clearing out toxins and releasing stress. It is a profound system which takes the practitioner on a fascinating healing journey.

In this class, which is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, you will learn through experiencing how to

  • Release blockages and tensions
  • Open your energy channels
  • Feel stability and connection with the Earth
  • Raise mental awareness and purify emotions.
  • Enjoy a vibrant loving connection with nature
Oshana Energy-Work Method is an effective method for self-healing which facilitates the natural flow of intelligent lifeforce energy to restore your body's energy field, muscles, nerves and organ health for optimal functioning.

Bring loose cotton clothes and water. For health reasons, mobile phones should be completely switched off and kept away from the practice area.

Rajatiedon Keskus
Uudenmaankatu 33

Easy Access: 10 mins walk from Central Railway Station
Nearest Metro Stations: Central Railway Station/Kamppi Nearest Trams Stops: 3T, 6

Uudenmaankatu Map


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