Inner Intensive Old Tallinn, Estonia
25 Oct 2008. 14:00-18:00. Saturday
Know Yourself and Creation
o gaze We learn many things from academic education but the fundamentals of life are missing, namely knowing self, others and Creation.

This Intensive directs the participant's awareness towards experiencing Consciousness and Creation, and gives useful concepts by which to talk of these fields.

Imagine how much more successful and fruitful our lives, relationships and sense of purpose would be if we had the power of deep spiritual insight? Spiritual insight is your birthright - it is a fundamental sense. It is your inner map to navigate through the Creation.

This intensive makes an important and fundamental distinction which allows a spiritual seeker to avoid misunderstanding by discriminating between the realm of Self and the realm of Creation. Self, the Original Self has never been created. It is The Space from which material existence comes. As human beings our awareness exists in both realms.

To know the Space of Pre-Creation is your destiny.

Every Oshana Intensive catalyses transformation and change in the mind, emotions, body and spiritual parts of you. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you prepare by eating fresh foods and drinking plenty of pure water everyday. General advice, which you might enjoy following, can be found on the following web-page Intensive Preparation.

The structure and content of each Oshana Intensive varies according to the needs of those present but might include Oshana Energy-Work Method, Guided Transmission Meditation and Transformational Talking.

To pre-register please your name (you need to include some information about yourself if you have never attended an Intensive to determine if this class is appropriate for you). Orientation information including preparation, guidance and venue details will be emailed to everyone who registers.
Doors will be shut when meeting starts.

To attend this event it is recommended that attend the 11 Oct event in Tallinn Finding Answers To Life's Spiritual Questions or have met Oshana at similar events.


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