The Transcendent Dimension Central Helsinki, Finland
01 Nov 2008. Saturday. 15:00-19:00
Working With Ancestral Influences
Ancestral Tree This intensive opens up a treasure trove of essential understandings about ancestral influences.

Do you ever wonder why you don't do what you want to do and do do what you don't want to do?

This deep, mission critical issue lies behind and controls many lives of silent despair, anger and rage. Lives stunted, unable to fulfil their destiny. The mission of the Oshana Spiritual Teaching is to get people back on track, fulfilling their full spiritual destiny.

So where do disempowering thoughts and disabling emotions come from? They can originate from many places. One thing is sure, they come from inside you. How did they get there? Why don't they (some) leave?

One of the missing parts of the jigsaw puzzle concerning thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and compulsion is the role of ancestral influences. There are many theories about how and why we are what we are: nature (genetics), nurture (conditioning), reincarnation and higher powers or forces. But for many these theories are insufficient, not powerful enough to shape their lives in a direction which feels completely right and meaningful.

For many Westerners, the notion that their ancestors are influencing them seems, initially, to be unreasonable but on reflection possible. When investigated it not only makes perfect sense but becomes a very useful tool to understand both oneself and others.

Investigate we must, or should, if we are to become aware of all of the forces acting upon us and who we can become free to choose into which life direction we will flow.

This is a vitally important area for spiritual seekers. What you don't know you can't work with. Worse it can hold you back for longer than you can imagine.

There's a lot more at stake then can be written. This is just the tip of the iceberg and part of a fascinating journey of self-discovery and global healing.

Every Oshana Intensive catalyses transformation and change in the mind, emotions, body and spiritual parts of you. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you prepare by eating fresh foods and drinking plenty of pure water everyday. General advice, which you might enjoy following, can be found on the following web-page Intensive Preparation.

The structure and content of each Oshana Intensive varies according to the needs of those present but might include Oshana Energy-Work Method, Guided Transmission Meditation and Transformational Talking.

To pre-register please email OshanaOffice Finland your name (you need to include some information about yourself if you have never attended an Intensive to determine if this class is appropriate for you). Orientation information including preparation, guidance and venue details will be emailed to everyone who registers.
Doors will be shut when meeting starts.


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