Inner Intensive Old Tallinn, Estonia
22 Nov 2008. 14:00-18:00. Saturday
Receive Your Divine Inheritance
o gaze All of us are truly rich beyond measure, not as an attitude, but a realisable spiritual fact.

From this world what can you truly own and take with you to the next? Nothing. What did Jesus mean that your real treasures are in stored in Heaven? How did He know? How can you know? Can you take a look and check?

You have an immense, unimaginable inheritance which protects you from every suffering, death and loneliness. The Truth is that you are infinitely rich, that you never die and are always one with Everything.

You don't have to wait until death to check this. That's not the best way. The best way is to access your divine inheritance now. Indeed, if you don't receive it now then your chances of receiving it in the afterlife are slim, remote, virtually non-existent.

You know that the material riches on Earth aren't really yours and can't save you? But you can add to your riches in the afterlife. Every authentically loving, not simply good or kind, act done on Earth is experienced as rewarding and fulfilling in the spirit world.

Experiencing that now, helps understand the purpose of life and to live in accordance with the natural way of life, lived as it should be.

To experience you need to open your senses, which can start with removing some erroneous beliefs about your self and life.

Every Oshana Intensive catalyses transformation and change in the mind, emotions, body and spiritual parts of you. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you prepare by eating fresh foods and drinking plenty of pure water everyday. General advice, which you might enjoy following, can be found on the following web-page Intensive Preparation.

The structure and content of each Oshana Intensive varies according to the needs of those present but might include Oshana Energy-Work Method, Guided Transmission Meditation and Transformational Talking.

To pre-register please your name (you need to include some information about yourself if you have never attended an Intensive to determine if this class is appropriate for you). Orientation information including preparation, guidance and venue details will be emailed to everyone who registers.
Doors will be shut when meeting starts.

To attend this event it is recommended that attend the 11 Oct event in Tallinn Finding Answers To Life's Spiritual Questions or have met Oshana at similar events.


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