Oshana Energy-Work Intensive Central Helsinki, Finland
29 Nov 2008. 15:00-18:00
Loving & Healing Your Internal Organs
energy-work posture adjustment In this special Energy-Work Intensive you are given a rare insight into the body's energy field and functioning and will explore effective self-care routines for the internal organs involving self-massage and movement.

You will explore the essential functions of the internal organs from the energetic point of view. You will discover the nature, characteristics and value of each internal organ and learn how to give them the space, energy and they love that they require to keep the human body awake and able to fulfil your life's purpose.

Healthy organ functioning is more important that muscles for survival, and yet, most people don't know and cannot feel where their biggest organs are.

Each organ has a different energies associated with it, including emotions, and requires different energetic cleaning clean and self-massage procedures to return it to optimal functioning.

Oshana Energy-Work Method is an effective method for self-healing which facilitates the natural flow of intelligent lifeforce energy to restore your body's energy field, muscles, nerves and organ health for optimal functioning.

Bring loose cotton clothes and water. For health reasons, mobile phones should be completely switched off and kept away from the practice area.

Please register early to ensure your place and to receive important orientation info. This event is for everyone who has done the basic class a few times. Contact us for more info.


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