Jesus Christmas Intensive Central Helsinki, Finland
13 Dec 2008 15:00-18:00 Saturday
What Would Jesus Need?
jesus Each year we gather in remembrance of Jesus Christ. Why? Because of the Winter Solstice, when the darkness recedes and the light reappears. It's a deep primal event for every creature on Earth and obvious to anyone who is sensitive to the changing seasons and planetary movements.

When we open our senses we perceive that Jesus never left. Why does Jesus remain? Is there something which he wants?

If we persist with unreflected assumptions about Jesus then we will miss who Jesus essentially is and how he would interact with us. We would miss an essential part of the human puzzle, a key to our communal salvation. Jesus, like Buddha, is a living story which pulses in our veins, a powerhouse for positive change, a flow we must recognise to raise ourselves up.

We need to recognise that Jesus was just a man but a man who went further than the average man. Here lays the hope in the tremendous potential of every ordinary man. If we get blinded by concepts that Jesus was God, perfect and ideal then we ignore his humanity. Furthermore, we miss that Jesus had needs and has needs. The consequent error of misunderstanding Jesus' humanity is that anyone who aspired to be like that concept of Jesus becomes less human, as does anyone who aspires to any unreal concept.

It's all too easy to make erroneous conclusions that because Jesus could manifest bread that he never needed food, that he had no reported wife that he was above human touch and wanting a family and because Judas's betrayal was supposedly predestined that he felt no hurt. It's as if the heart of Jesus has been ignored - a common mistake in heroic myths. If Jesus is a hero it is because of what he achieved while being a feeling human being not an unfeeling one. Jesus was not combat robot who dispassionately dispensed God's Will. He felt everything in great detail. (Now I idealise him to provoke enquiry!)

To answer the mystery of why Jesus is still here, how to feel and interact with him we need to know what Jesus needs. To do that drop your assumptions, open your senses and start feeling. This Jesus Christmas Intensive is part lecture, part enquiry and deep meditation where we connect to the Spirit of Jesus, our soul and Creation.

Pre-registration in advance is required for this event to receive orientation. Pre-registration is welcomed from anyone who has attended an Oshana Teaching meeting and those who feel a special affinity with Jesus.

Please book early to reserve your place by contacting OshanaOffice Finland
Event in English (unless we receive many request for translation)


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