Guided LifeForce Healing Meditation Helsinki, Finland
15 Mar 2008. 14:00-15:00 Saturday
The Simplest, Deepest Relaxation Ever: Transmission Meditation

The ultimate result of spiritual seeking is continuous effortless meditation on the Source of All Creation. It happens spontaneously whether eyes are open, close or you are asleep.

Meditation is possible when you inner senses open up because then you attracted to the light and energies inside. This is metaphorically speaking. You will understand when you experience it.

The LifeForce Healing Energy Meditation the simplest and most powerful mediattion system which I know because to start you with you do absolutely nothing, and only then can you become relaxed. So what does the work?

The work is done for you by the LifeForce Healing Energy which I also call The Transmission.

It works everytime, taking a person to a perfect, deep place. It's easier than cooking fluffy basmati rice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Transmission Meditation?
Transmission Meditation is an ancient way to meditate easily, deeply and effectively. It has been redesigned to suit the modern person by spiritual teacher Dave Oshana.

What Does Transmission Meditation Do?

Transmission Meditation allows the meditator to spontaneously enter the meditative state in a natural way by simply relaxing in the energy-field of the Transmission.

What is The Transmission?
The Transmission is a non-material energy which comes from the Source of Consciousness, outside of the Creation. It connects to the deepest place within you, the source of your own consciousness and over a process of time brings it to the forefront of your everyday awareness.

What is The Transmission Experience?
The Transmission Experience is the experience of sitting quietly within the Transmission. The actual experience takes many different forms depending on the needs of the meditator.

Do I Have to Change My Beliefs?
You do not have to change your beliefs. Transmission Meditation deepens your connection with your self and widens your experience of life and reality. This process will evolve your belief system.

Do I Have To Believe Anything?
You do not need to believe anything. In fact you can believe that nothing will happen and then be surprised when something does happen. It is more comfortable and effective to have an an open and relaxed mind but not essential.

Why Does it Work?
The Oshana Transmission Meditation works because Dave Oshana received the Enlightenment Transmission, the ability to awaken others, at the time of his enlightenment on 19 June 2000 . Anyone who receives the Transmission can raise the spiritual awareness of others.

How Old Is The Method?
Transmission Meditation is as old as time. This ancient spiritual form has always been practiced in the presence of a meditation teacher who has discovered their true self. The awakened teacher is a source of peace, bliss and consciousness. No other qualification was required to lead a meditation.

What Will Happen to Me?
In Transmission Meditation nothing is done to you and nothing is added to you but something mystical happens as your senses are purified and you begin to connect to an unlimited source of peace, love and joy existing inside of you. You will find that as your mind goes to a different place you become restful and distraction-free. Keeping good spiritual company has this effect too. Therefore we can all benefit by regularly being with those people whose presence naturally let us expand in awareness and allows no limitation.

Are There Any Special Techniques?
No techniques, in fact, just the opposite. No special postures, or mantras are required. A comfortable position is all that is advised simply because meditation is more pleasurable when you are fully relaxed. You are to think of nothing. Not to try to achieve anything. You can even lie down provided your feet point away from others.

Why Does This Event Exist?
Many spiritual seekers wanted to experience the Enlightenment Transmission without distraction and to rest in the silence.

Can Anyone Attend?
Anyone who has an interest in spiritual development can register. We will then email the registrants the orientation info.

How Can I Prepare?
A pure mind and body are the best preparation. Eat pure foods and drink pure liquids. However, you do not have to be perfect. We only expect participants to be drug and alcohol-free when they attend. More information will be sent to all registrants. If you are really serious about cleaning up your life, mind and body then read Intensive Preparation.

What Will Happen?
You will sit (or lay quietly) in the Transmission Meditation hall. Oshana will give some instructions to facilitate deep relaxation and awareness.

What Will I Experience?
Participants report experiencing awakening, expanded awareness, peace of mind, self-understanding, relief and happiness. Some people witnessed astral lights, auras and chakras for the first time without even knowing that they exist. The benefits are many including improved quality of life, ability to see reality clearer and greater spiritual strength.

What Is The Importance of This In The Oshana Enlightenment Teaching?
The Transmission Meditation balances the practical and theoretical elements of the Oshana Enlightenment Teaching. The practical elements are energy-work exercises, enlightened living and energy-food diet. The theoretical elements are explanations, guidance and spiritual models. The Teaching, Techniques and Transmission form a trinity: mind, body and spirit.

Registration Is Not But Recommended
Pre-registration is not required but recommended to receive extra orientation information.

If have never registered for an Oshana Teaching event then Oshana would like you to send a little information about your spiritual path, goals and health. He can then be of better service to your spiritual life.
To register contact us

Orientation info will be emailed to all participants at least 3 days before the event. If email is not suitable then please supply a phone number.

Please arrive 25 minutes early so that you have time to register and get comfortable.

You may bring an extra cushion or low meditation chair for added comfort.


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