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How IT All Started - and Ended
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To celebrate, the New Year I will stream an AUDIOcast on Sunday, How IT All Started - and Ended - for me as a seeker. This also welcomes the season of live online classes. The first totally live class is on Sunday 25th January, same time, same system and entitled Why You Should Stop Seeking, Today - of course if you stop before that date then you could cancel your booking.

Each New Year, is it the beginning or end - of life as we know it? Can we trust the new let alone the new? At least you can trust yourself - if you find your Self. This message will be about ending seeking, and if successful, will finish my part-time role as a spiritual teacher forever.

I won't say too much more. It's a surprise. If you are subbed to my major e-mailing lists or daveoshana.com then you will have received a bit more detail about the AUDIOcast, but not much more, just a few more words (hopefully entertaining).

" Waking UP was the singularly most important event for me. It was like the time and place when and where I entered into this world. Year Zero." - not from the AUDIOcast but from the email.

The AUDIOcast is free, risk-free, free to listen. Free to tell your friends. If it's any good, we'll play it again. Feedback welcome.


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