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03 May 2009. Sunday. 5-6.30pm Helsinki (3-4.30pm London)
The Solution For Every Mental Stress

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The Comforting Discovery That Mental Troubles Do Not Exist.

Today, I can now reveal how I was able to quickly release total strangers of their mental suffering and strife in open meetings.

I received many important psychological realisations when my life changed on Enlightenment Day, 19th June 2000 - discoveries which could end mental suffering for every person on the planet. It became my mission to test that this is true by holding no-holds-barred, all-challenges-accepted Open Meetings. The challenge was either you leave having inherited all the happiness in the Universe or I go home broken, defeated, depressed and carrying all your sorrows. A pretty good deal.

My Enlightenment Day realisations included:
  • There is not an unhappy thought in my mind or body
  • A person cannot be truly unhappy
  • A person carries their troubles in their mind
  • A person can drop their mentally held troubles in an instant
I demonstrated the truth of these assertions in meetings where total strangers professing chronic life-long depression and frequent suicidal ideation were transformed in an instant to laughing, uncomplaining, happy bundles of fun. Not necessarily cured for life but had at least opened the door for the next project, permanent Enlightenment.

When I brought these transformations in front of audiences, there were no detailed explanations, but today I can now reveal the secrets of what was being applied behind the scenes. I can open your senses, to perceive how it worked. It is my desire that you use these abilities responsibly, because with such power many different outcomes are possible. Changing people not only changes their life, but everyone around them, and the world with it.

You can now understand why I am careful about who I teach. If you wish to attend this online class, and have never been in my classes, please write early and let me know more about yourself.

For regular students: book your online classes now at Please don't try to get in at the last minute - it might not work - we might go over quota or the need to give you tech support. Plus if you apply in good time then you will receive a helpful email about preparing for the class.

Feedback welcome.

Please be aware that the Enlightenment Transmission is extremely powerful, so make sure you drink enough water and take a relaxed posture, preferably on your back with cushion under you head and knees.

Personal Organiser Note:
Confirmed future classes: 10 & 17 May and more to come this season

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