Oshana Energy-Work Method Class Tallinn Old Town, Estonia
05 September 2009. 14:00-15:30
Energy-Work Method Class
energy-work postureOshana Energy-Work training sessions suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners who want the benefits of regular practice, such as, increased life-force and the recovery of lost energy.

Taught by an experienced Finnish Oshana Energy-Work Method practitioner (in English or/and in Finnish, Estonian translation available).

These classes provide safe, simple and effective techniques for spiritual seekers and anyone who has an interest in spirituality, health and human potential, including healers, health-practitioners, meditators, yoga practitioners and martial artists.

You will quickly find an increase in you ability clear away unwanted thoughts or emotions, raise your life-mastery and handle high levels of spiritual energy.

Through regular practice you will naturally develop the following important lifeskills, including:
  • posture
  • movement
  • self-healing
  • self-massage
  • expanding
  • grounding
  • cleaning
  • awareness
  • the basics of breath
  • vital energy points

Bring loose cotton clothing and water to drink.

Beginners are welcome. Next class in October.


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