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24 Jan 2010. Sunday. 4-5.30pm Helsinki (2pm London, 9am New York)
The Love Bank: Is Your Life In The Balance?
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When you die the only thing that you will be able to take with you is your loving ability and your love balance. You'd be a fool not to work your love tool!

You were created only to give and receive Love, everything else is illusion. Not a class specifically about Tantra - sex instruction is thrown in free of charge.

But seriously! Like hungry ghosts we spend our lives wandering aimlessly trying give and receive love in huge quantities. Sometimes giving a bit and wanting a lot, and sometimes giving a lot and being satisfied with just giving. We humans are love dynamos, we thrive on love and generate it too.

The strong hypnotic illusion of cash tied to material survival has taken your eyes off the balls: love is there in tonnes of abundance you just have to milk life for all that it is worth and die happy and fulfilled.

Money, you can't take it with you. Love is your riches in heaven. Fill your account up. I know you just will get it in this online class.

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