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07 Feb 2010. Sunday. 4-5.30pm Helsinki (2pm London, 9am New York)
Use Me Up, God! Take It All!
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The ultimate love is to give yourself in every moment for the greater good.

It's only when we deeply receive that we fully get something. That's the idea within the title of this week's live online class "Use Me Up, God! Take It All!"

When you give yourself up, the whole Universe of Love can come pouring in. It's kind of like these ideas of surrender and acceptance that you hear about but it's far more juicy because it's real, live body-felt experience.

You always had a strong sense that the Universe was created for you. This is true but only half of the story! You were created for the Universe and if you don't give yourself to the Universe then it will not work. The human race has stopped giving which causes imbalance. Trees give oxygen and we give carbon dioxide. If we stopped breathing out the trees would die, if the trees die then we would die.

Energetically we are to give out good and positive energy. When we do not then destruction ensues. Fear causes withholding. The greatest pleasure, joy and fulfilment is to give yourself up. As Jesus said "Father into thy hands I commend my spirit!"

The Universe is the hand of God into which we can release our spirit in every moment which, like sperm to ovuum, causes an act of creation every time it happens. The creative act can be balanced or imbalanced. It depends on your intention: love or destruction. The ultimate love is to give yourself in every moment for the greater good.

You can pray out to the Creation: "Use me. Take Me. Take all of me." Watch, wait and good will ensue.

In the end your delight is not in fight but joining the irresistible stream of life which leads to the Light.

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