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14 Feb 2010. Sunday. 4-5.30pm Helsinki (2pm London, 9am New York)
Loving Me, Loving You: Love's Watercourse Way
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oshana inward looking

Love will have its way. Love will always find a way. Sooner or later it's going to sweep you up and take you to where it's going.

It's quite amazing how long people wait for true love to find them when love is waiting at your door. The energy of love has already penetrated into every cell of your body. Your life force is vibrating with ecstasy. There is so much love that you are bursting and cannot stop it flooding over your walls to engulf your neighbourhood and all within.

Love has your name on it but has your mind caught up with this. Many years ago, the human race, you, were conditioned to block out the ever present miracle of love. Catch up with the years of absence, be here, surf love's watercourse way, follow destiny's stream.

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