Enlightenment Transmission Intensive Central Helsinki, Finland
27.02.10. Saturday. 13:00-17:00
Spiritual Loving Relationships
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Love on the inside requires its opposite - love on the outside - to complete the cycle of creation. A person requires loving relationships for full emotional and spiritual growth.

There is a great need for a deeper understanding about all sorts of  relationships especially romantic, family, social and nature - hence the Transmission Teachings of Love this season. This intensive aims to give you a practical, experiential understanding of love, its causes, reasons and fruition.

At the heart of human life is the love relationship from which everything in the human world has come.

Love when expressed through the human body, heart and mind takes a variety of forms depending on its object. For a happy fulfilled life it is necessary to have a full and free expression of love.

Loving starts with receiving but only continues when reciprocated with giving, therefore, giving should not be restricted by inner blocks or outer pressure.

Love supports all of life. You can ask from the Creator or Transmission to make you a channel for such love.

The Oshana Teaching is based on the direct experience of what works.

There will be time for questions and also a meditation or Oshana Energy-Work Method.

Eligibility: Open to everyone who meets Dave Oshana at the opening night teaching preview on Thursday 18.2 Experience Absolute Love (students who have attended recent intensives and retreats can apply by email but are highly recommended to attend this event).

Registration: Pre-registration is required. Register early enough to receive orientation, special guidance and preparation information.

Preparation: You are strongly recommended to read and follow (as much as possible) the basic advice about Enlightenment Intensive Preparation and to listen to live, or replay, classes at DaveOshana.Com - by doing so you will familiarize yourself with the Teaching, and thereby absorb and integrate as much of the experience as possible when you attend the teaching events.

Orientation: Full orientation information will be emailed at least 2 days before the event to those who are registered.

One-to-Ones: Personal One-to-One meetings with Oshana are bookable. A chance to be with Oshana and clear the obstacles from your spiritual path.

Live Online Classes: Every Sunday there are live online classes with Dave Oshana (bookable at daveoshana.com) - and also - free audio teaching. Next classes: 21 & 28 Feb.


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