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14 Mar 2010. Sunday. 4-5.30pm Helsinki (2pm London, 9am New York)
Enlightenment 101: Becoming A Spiritually Aware Human Being
oshana teaching occiput
The View from The Other Side of The Asleep-Awake Enlightenment Fence - it's worth peeking!

Did anyone ever stop to ask an enlightened being about the real experience of Enlightenment before rocketing up the Himalayas into the clouds armed with nothing but a poorly translated, and recklessly edited, version of "The Bhagavad Gita: As It Never Was"? (*add your favorite book title or see my suggestions at the bottom of this page)

In this live online class, I will talk about my unique and personal experience of Enlightenment and the many erroneous ideas which are being peddled in the spiritual marketplace - including the relatively recent ones which claim to be new and improved. LOL! Be prepared to be surprised and in a seated, better yet prone, position for these juicy revelations.

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* My favourite spiritual books, pre-enlightenment:
Little Big Golden Buddha,
The Last and Absolutely Final Temptations of Christ,
The Bible Testaments: Old, New and Modern,
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Without Wheels,
Ramana Maharshi: Collected Non-Sayings,
This Is It - or Not,
You Are That - Deal With It!
Kabbalah - The Mystical Knowledge for London Cabbies


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