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02 May 2010. Sunday. 6-7.30pm Helsinki (4pm London, 11am New York)
Dissolve Point Transmission Meditation: Where Cause and Effect Ceases to Exist
energy meditation
In deep meditation the waves which comprise the soul harmonise.

Be led into the harmonic resonance of your soul in this live online guided meditation.

Meditation starts to happen when parts of the human being start to harmonise. At the level of the various energy bodies, the layers of the increasingly subtle bodies begin to cohere. The various waves begin to merge until no particular wave stands out. In this state it seems as if literally nothing is happening, as if everything has stopped, but in fact it is a state of high potential energy.

From this place peace, joy and happiness emerge as experience in a way that can only be described as both transcendental and immanent within nature. In that instant the slate of cause and effect is wiped clean. No records or accounts are held. Life can progress from this still point in new and infinite directions.

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