Enlightenment Transmission Intensive Central Helsinki, Finland
22 May 2010. Saturday. 14:00-18:00
Burn The Inner Baggage: Breath, Energy-Work, Meditation
Stress, worry and apathy build up everyday, especially over the winter. Get the antidote - spring clean them away with effective, natural techniques from the Oshana Spiritual Teaching - and get nearer to your real self.

retreat energy work field
The Oshana Enlightenment Process is essentially about clearing and cleaning away that which should not be there. For you this will be noticeable as reduced stress, tension, discomfort and unnecessary thoughts and emotions. This is the tip of the iceberg of submerged and sunken energies. Fortunately, there are ways to clear out these excessive and foreign energies.

After cleaning your energetic body, mind and emotions you will feel brighter, more aware, happy and wise. This is because almost everything which you seek for your happiness is within you. Your light shines bright when the lens is not muddied.

So, the techniques and practice which we will do and benefit from on this Intensive will have many benefits, including improving the quality of your life and make spiritual progress easier - which from my viewpoint as a spiritual teacher is a good deal because it will make speed up the Enlightenment Process.

What you learn on this Intensive will increase your effectiveness on the spiritual path and within your life. It will be a good preparation for upcoming Transmission Retreats such as this July's Summer Island Retreat - Living to The Full: Explore, Visualise, Do.

The Oshana Teaching is based on the direct experience of what works.

This Intensive will happen inside a warm, comfortable specially designed practice space.

Eligibility: Open to everyone who has met Dave Oshana. If you are new then you should apply early to see if you need to prepare for the Transmission. Late applications might not get processed in time.

Registration: Pre-registration is required. Register early enough to receive orientation, special guidance and preparation information.

Preparation: You are strongly recommended to read and follow (as much as possible) the basic advice about Enlightenment Intensive Preparation and to listen to live, or replay, classes at DaveOshana.Com - by doing so you will familiarize yourself with the Teaching, and thereby absorb and integrate as much of the experience as possible when you attend the teaching events.

Orientation: Full orientation information will be emailed at least 2 days before the event to those who are registered.

One-to-Ones: Personal One-to-One meetings with Oshana are bookable. A chance to be with Oshana and clear the obstacles from your spiritual path.

Live Online Classes: Every Sunday there are live online classes with Dave Oshana (bookable at daveoshana.com) - and also - free audio teaching.


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