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23 May 2010. Sunday. 6-7.30pm Helsinki (4pm London, 11am New York)
Understanding The Enlightenment Process: Birthing Your Core Consciousness
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What is the Enlightenment Process? I will reveal my teaching/guidance process, enlightened perspective and what you need to do to allow the birth of your Enlightened Consciousness to shine through and blow-out the dust of a lifetime of conditioning.

If you are going to work with any spiritual teacher, system or technique then you will benefit from understanding the perspective and aims of that approach. Failure to do this could lead to a tragic waste of time, frustration and even self-created misery.

I want you to know how I work with seekers. I want you to know the process, my part, your part and Transmission's role. I want you to know the aim and the purpose of everything that I do as a spiritual teacher to bring about your Enlightenment.

The unimaginable benefits and effects of being in contact with the Enlightenment Transmission are well known to those who have witnessed it. However, there is far more to this Enlightenment Teaching than feeling great, healing, better coping, expanded awareness and daily miracles. In fact, those benefits are simply side-effects. My aim is to get you Enlightened. Yes, Enlightened. It sounds so impossible to many people, but in reality, it really is within your reach. I say, accept no alternatives or substitutes.

If you understand my Enlightenment Process then Enlightenment will seem much closer to you, as close as the air in your lungs and then you can go for more than just the benefits, you can get the whole shooting match and get it under your belt in this lifetime (not the next - don't even think about that!)

Join in this live online class even if you are just the tiniest bit interested in Enlightenment and how it can be brought about.

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