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27 Jun 2010. Sunday. 6-7.30pm Helsinki (4pm London, 11am New York)
SoulMate Workshop for Couples, Singles & Immortals
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Peek into your future. See your romantic life fully fulfilled. Try this 1 hour SoulMate meditation from upcoming the Oshana Infinite Loving Life Course.

Couples: See your partner's soul through spiritual eyes.

Singles: Find the love of your life.

Immortals: Learn to tolerate your partner's habits, the effortless and natural way.

A great meal depends on exceptionally good ingredients. We all seek good things in this life. When everything is in the right place then it is easier to make spiritual life work. That's why it is so important the kind of valuable guidance which you cannot get for love or money these days.

You can live alone or you can live in a frustrating relationship but do you really want to? Somewhere inside every person is a desire for appreciation, attention and shared enjoyment. It's only natural because it's human.

I want you to be happy. That's why I teach. The ultimate happiness is Enlightenment but before you get there why not get some juice from Life? If it comes from a lover, a friend, an angel or God then why not have some?

In this online class I will take you on a journey of self-fulfillment and personal exploration. Your inner compass will point you in the direction of true love and there's nothing more true.

You might find that love in your current relationship, or from a soulmate who you have not yet physically met. It's good to get confirmation and certainty. You hold all the keys to open the doors to bliss and happiness.

Please make this a special occasion for yourself - and invite a friend so that you can witness each other's big beautiful smile after.

Book your classes at bookings before we go on Retreat. The new season of Oshana Online Transmission classes will resume sometime in late July/early August!

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