Enlightenment Transmission Intensive Central London, UK
19th Sep, 2010. Sunday. 11-5 PM
Could It Be Your Turn To Wake Up?

Every seeker wonders about their chances of waking up. Some believe it will happen in this lifetime and some don't. Is it possible to have a crystal ball and see your destiny? What if the very act of looking changes the future?
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When I was a teenager I was told at that I would eventually become Enlightened by a Tai Chi teacher. I didn't put much faith in her optimistic pronouncement as she made them from a booth at a new age exhibition where she was promoting her school and I was asking bothersome searching questions.

Strangely enough, I did get Enlightened about two decades later, and I still was not expecting it, but something had been changing in me.

I didn't have a clue back then that Enlightenment was just around the corner and how natural it is. I was not even sure if it existed. With hindsight it is so much easier to understand the Enlightenment process. It's also possible to teach the stages of getting closer to Enlightenment, so that a seeker can recognise where they are in their own development, and become aware of what holds them back.

You can only become aware of as much as you have passed on The Path. In this Intensive the aim is to take you that bit further, and get out there, so that if you want to make the quantum leap into Infinity and all the way to Enlightenment then you can.

Register in advance for this event by e-mail or contact-form. Personally meet Dave at the 16 Sep. Introduction "Stop Dreaming! Wake Up and Come Back to Reality" if you have never met Dave before. It is recommended to attend the 19 Sep Intensive before attending longer events such as residential retreats.

One-to-One Consultations
A limited number of personal One-to-One meetings with Dave will be available for those attending the Teaching events on non-group teaching days. Take this to chance clear the obstacles from your spiritual path.

Live Online Classes
Live online classes with Dave Oshana every Sunday are an ideal way to prepare for Introductions and Intensives, experience the benefits of Transmission, hear the latest Teaching and top up your bliss levels. Internet classes and replays can be booked at daveoshana.com

Posters and Flyers
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