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7 Nov 2010. Sunday. 5-6.30pm Helsinki (3pm London, 10am New York)
The Real Price of Having a Life
NOTE: Clocks change this weekend in USA, so start time will differ in USA relative to last Sunday

The real costs of living on Earth are huge, unseen and obligatory. If you don't hand over the real stuff then you are simply doomed to live a life of tender obscurity when you could have been a legend in your own lunchtime.
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Let's face it many spiritual types are trying to get off the planet and never come back again. Is it really that bad? More to the point, is there a better option available?

Like it or not you are here to stay or like someone I knew who stayed longer than expected in a house not far from where they filmed "Risky Business", you'll be henceforth be known by the accolade TGTSAS (The Guest That Stayed and Stayed).

Spiritual escapism has been around as long as Hinduism, a mighty long time which predates the appearance of you. But I have news for you: as unpopular as it maybe you retch you, you are not going anywhere fast. The special dispensation time of getting off the Russian Roulette Wheel of Life is over. You must have elected to stay behind with the dregs in the barrel. What a shame that you don't remember.

My aim, at the risk of being unpopular, is to reorientate your head which is currently pointing resolutely upwards, and out of here, back to the task at hand, namely, being here.

Heaven, hell, the afterlife, the nether regions are not for you. "They" have you on a psychic bungee cord, an indefinite retainer, to keep showing up here until you do what you are supposed to do. Funny that, isn't it? You never actually get around to doing what you know, or least sense, what you are should be doing.

Instead your life is either a pseudo-delicious round of social sandwiches or a brave attempt at asceticism. Either way you ain't satisfied. If that weren't so then you simply would not be knocking on my door - the last possible choice. You have probably tried it all and if you have not then you will until it dawns on you that there isn't a diversion or distraction big enough to make that longing go away.

That longing is the ache to be yourself. Forget about what you heard and what you were told to believe. I know what I am talking about. Furthermore, I can show you. Seeing and experiencing is believing.

In this live online class I am going to break the real news, and how you take it is up to you, that you have to pay the ferryman. Why you have not paid him and how you will inevitably do it is the subject under exploration. Get a clue and a headstart. You have only the rest of your life to figure it out!

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