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28 Nov 2010. Sunday. 5-6.30pm Helsinki (3pm London, 10am New York)
Clearing Away Abundant Spiritual Misunderstandings

* Possibly the last live online class this season see archive*

Become a spiritual virgin again and experience the excitement of making new discoveries and progress without all the attendant self-doubt and inhibitions suffered by your more experienced spiritual peers.

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According to the Honeymoon Principle: The Big Bang Theory happened on the first night and the Universe has been running down since then. I for one don't believe in this. None of it.

However, a similar case could be made for the spiritual seeker's first baby steps towards the Truth. Groping, clutching and standing in the dark waiting for a man, The Man, God or an ET to call - the first steps are the most unlikely to produce fruit - according to pandits and the self-appointed your spiritual seniors. Yet, the first steps often produce the most sensational results, bang for bucks and unforgettable experiences. How could a mere spiritual virgin have so much fun? Why are your super serious experienced spiritual pals, the ones with the permafix smiles, so confused? Why are they either chronically inhibited or suffering from premature exclamations of having arrived at IT? It seems that the more you hear the less that you know. You have heard something similar? But what if it is really true and really dire?

If you look at spiritual seekers in a spiritual teaching event (not one of mine) they typically seem self-doubting and unsure. You might rationalise that away as “they are unsure because they spiritual seekers”. But what if in fact it is the other way around? Namely, that they are doubtful because they became acculturated to the spiritual seeking scene/circus? They learn to do tricks, flip on their back, show their belly and beg, for tickling and borrow for their daily doggie biscuit crumbs of knowledge.

The first baby steps on the spiritual path (you may have forgotten this) are confident, bold and enthusiastic. It's only later that you find that you are “weird” from your friends but worse you are branded by your older spiritual brothers and sisters to label yourself as ignorant (read “dumb and stupid”).

Ironically, a fresh young seeker has the best chance of succeeding. If you are no longer a virgin seeker then you need to shed something. You need to shed your misunderstandings about who you are as a seeker (seeking not cogitating), how to relate to an enlightened teacher (lightly) and how to be in your life (just be). You might not understand how to do that any more, so the first baby step for you is to shed the misunderstandings.

In this live online class, the last of the season (it seems), I will help you recognise your mistaken so-called “understandings”. Rooting them out is a more difficult tasks because they keep coming back to life every time you spot them. But rest assures, and I hope you get some rest (which comes from have a good day) I will be on hand to help you till your lot.

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There's nothing to do this Sunday but drop in. Meet you on the inside!

This might be the last live internet class this year, if it is then we will continue in January 2011. Always note the start time for your time zone.

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