Winter Island Retreat South West Islands, Finland
8-12 Dec 2010. Wednesday-Sunday
Supporting Your Spirit in the Material World
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Back to basics. Walk before you can run. Create a firm foundation - before you push off in the correct direction.

If you want to experience the full effects of the Enlightenment Transmission in nature-filled, distraction-free environment then the upcoming Winter Island Retreat could be for you.

The focus of the event will be supporting the spiritual person, in fact, the soul in the material world.

We will find solution to crucial issues facing real spiritual seekers.
  • How to stay sensitive, inspired and compassionate in today's tough and demanding world?
  • How to be true to yourself and make a valid and satisfying contribution?
  • How to be kind and giving without being used up and burned?
  • How to keep going when the tough times come?
  • How to fulfil your personal purpose and share it with others?
The Island

retreat energy-work field The Island is a beautiful environment off the coast of Finland in the sunniest time of the year. Our retreat centre provides local grown organic (where possible) macrobiotic foods in accordance with Oshana Energy Food principles.

Beautiful Wild Nature & Rustic Facilities

Our natural pine forest environment, which includes deer, swans and of course, delicious wild strawberries also has canoe and rowing boats, traditional wood-fired sauna, camping facilities with rustic kamina fire and natural fresh-water wells.

Natural Teaching Environments

retreat pier Teaching will take place in various locations on our island property including a specially constructed meeting hall designed by an award winning Finnish architect to fit unobtrusively into the natural forest surrounds architect, on our own mini-private island (which requires a boat to get to), on the beach and in the forest.

Diverse Spiritual Teaching & Unlimited Transmission
retreat sunset sea A wide variety of teaching activities which might include Oshana Energy-Work Method, Transmission Meditation, Energy-Massage, interactive dialogues, experiential exercises, energy-foods cooking, and lifestyle guidance and Enlightenment Transmission 24 hours a day.

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All-Inclusive Price

The price for this powerful week-long natural retreat inclusive of all Teaching, Transmission, energy-foods and residential facilities is for shared farmhouse room.

Travel & Accommodation Assistance To & From Retreat

retreat flowers Orientation will be emailed closer to the event time. We are generally able to assist overseas students with sharing short-term accommodation in Helsinki and arranging transportation for everyone to and from the retreat.

Register Now - Limited Places

Spaces are limited to keep the land "happy" and can fill up suddenly. Book or pre-register now. Prior experience of Oshana teaching is required.


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