Spiritual Lecture Helsinki, Finland
17.2.10. Thursday. 18.00-20.00
Natural Spiritual Qualities: Self-Acceptance, Love and Compassion
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Your natural spiritual qualities are all that you have. They are your true treasures and are the light of this world and the next.

A spiritual teaching should support you in discovering what you are and not lead deeper into what you are not.

Spirituality is not an abstraction, it is all around you, it is in the air you breathe - from your first breath until your last. A spiritual teaching is a poultice which draws out your natural spiritual qualities in an effortless way. The highest of those spiritual qualities are self-acceptance, love and compassion.

We can always build on what we have but it's not possible to get something which are not. A true and natural spiritual path simply uncovers what you are. This spiritual pedagogy is very different from imitation.

A person who tries to be follow a certain lifestyle, morality or code of ethics may, instead of becoming a better person, become warped in a way which has destructive consequences for themselves and others.

The Oshana Enlightenment Teaching creates a natural ambient environment which brings out a seeker's natural core spiritual values in such a way that they are naturally expressed without effort or conscious concern.

The spiritual teacher, or guide, supports this natural, inevitable spiritual development by taking on the role of a spiritual midwife. A seeker's inner nature will, with minimal support, lead a person to become what they truly are. The spiritual teacher involvement is to smooth the way.

Come to this spiritual lecture which represent the beginning of knowing and an end to ignorance. You have the power, wisdom and understanding.

This event is rare opportunity to meet enlightened spiritual teacher, Dave Oshana and to experience your full potential simply by sitting in the energy of the Enlightenment Transmission.

There will be time for questions and answers and to meet Dave Oshana afterwards for newcomers to apply for upcoming Oshana Enlightenment Intensives and Retreats, Energy-Work classes and Guided Meditation sessions.

Bring water to drink to facilitate the healing process. Completely power off your mobile phone to protect your energy field. Allow plenty of time to arrive and get comfortable.

Arrive early. Seating is limited to 50, after that standing room only.
No entry after lecture actually starts as doors will be shut.
Lecture in English

New People: If you wish to attend the 19 Feb Spiritual Intensive in Central Helsinki Natural Spiritual Qualities: Self-Acceptance, Love and Compassion then you should attend this event. You can then register your name and ask Dave advice about preparing.

One-to-Ones: Personal One-to-One meetings with Oshana are bookable. A chance to be with Oshana and clear the obstacles from your spiritual path.

Live Online Classes: Every Sunday there are live online internet classes with Dave Oshana to listen to in the comfort of your own home (bookable at daveoshana.com) - and also - free audio teaching. Next classes: 21 & 28 Feb.


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