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20 Mar 2011. Sunday. 5-6.30pm Helsinki (3pm London, 11am New York)
Initiation Beyond Form: In The Rose Garden of The Transmission
5pm Helsinki - 3pm London - 11am New York - 10am Chicago - 8am Los Angeles
USA Note: European clocks will not spring forward until 27th March.

Enter The Rose Garden of The Transmission and finally arrive Home on the other shore, to experience heavenly delights whilst still within the human form.

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The concept and practice of Initiation abounds in religious, occult and spiritual groups and literature. But like many spiritual concepts its sense and meaning has been hidden by ignorance, naïveté and fetishism. So perverse and distorted, in fact has the relating of Initiation become that it attracts extreme reactions from groupie worship to sceptical ridicule. Because of this taint, it has like many useful concepts become a taboo word corrupted by association. Consequently, despite popular usage and appeal, the word "initiation" has never made an appearance in the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching - not, until now.

Many spiritual concepts are misunderstood, some deliberately so. Religion has become a political arena where the unthinking masses will give up their clarity to a power-hungry someone who appears to speak the same language but in fact is actively subverting the common or original meanings.

Unfortunately, resolutely avoiding every religious word because of common taints, would involve the arduous labour of inventing a complete spiritual language. Consequently, I chose to incorporate selected spiritual terms, whilst continually defining out ambiguity and confusion. For example, I use the word "Enlightenment" but am careful to point out what it is, and is not, in a non-obscure way. "Transmission" is a less common spiritual term but one I frequently use because it is the one which best describes my experience of the Enlightenment Process - for this reason it is an indispensable concept.

"Initiation", as I use it, means "connection" or "entering within" and is not a ritual or acceptance into a hierarchy. Initiation it is not achieved by waving hands over another's head, uttering mantras, blowing into ears and other bodily cavities, being ritually buried under earth, closed in a box or sprinkled with a few drops of water.

Initiation happens outside of the physical creation, the space of the soul. When your prodigal soul reconnect to the Home from which it came, then Initiation has taken place. Although, seekers receive material support from me for their earthly life, my actual work is invisible and that's where the submerged gold is.

The Rose Garden of The Transmission is an actual, non-material space. You find it by following, using your inner senses within, your spiritual nose. The Rose Garden provides incontrovertible proof of the Creator's love, support and guidance for you.

Come join me in The Rose Garden of The Transmission and finally arrive Home on the other shore, to experience heavenly delights whilst still within the human form.

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