Enlightenment Transmission Intensive Central Helsinki, Finland
26 Mar 2011. Saturday. 12:00-16:00
Entering The Space Before Time

Recognise your existence outside of and beyond form, enter The Space Before Time and your spiritual search will be fully fulfilled.

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Entering The Space Before Time is not an escape, nor a retreat, from this world but finding the missing necessary piece to make sense of Life and your place within it.

The spiritual path involves the invisible and only the invisible. Visible forms, beliefs and activities are epiphenomena which make an appearance, just after and apparently simultaneous, with the movement of the invisible spiritual current. The spiritual current is like a movement in the deep sea which precedes any change on the surface.

The spiritual current issues forth from a place outside of space and time. That place is changeless and does not move. That place is your Original Home.

A stranger in a strange land, a long way from home, you yearn to be held, loved and supported. You have become homesick. Whilst you are Earthbound, there is no escape, you receive loving care packages from the Creator in the form of spontaneous feelings of bliss, oneness and unity. You witness irrational acts of love, compassion and kindness which create a deeply heartfelt remembrance of your Original Home. It's your calling, insistently and lovingly prompting you to wake up from the mundane dream of being a finite material form.

Spiritual teaching and practices tend to have a material pay-off, which ironically, only deepens the sleep of illusion.

Recognise your existence outside of and beyond form, enter The Space Before Time and your spiritual search will be fully fulfilled.

If you want your birthright, your Original Home and destiny then e-mail Dave about attending this Enlightenment Transmission Intensive.

It is recommended that new participants meet Dave or book and listen to online class replays in advance before attending this Intensive.

New Participants: If you have never met Dave before or attended an Intensive then please e-mail us as soon as possible to receive Dave preparation advice.

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