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3 Apr 2011. Sunday. 5-6.30pm Helsinki (3pm London, 10am New York)
Kicking The Illusion Habit

The average human life is a collage of rice-paper thin illusions held strongly together by the glue of the Ego's incredulousness of Reality. Kick the habit!

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Ever get the feeling: that you are living in a waking dream? That objects are not solid? That time does not exist? That you might be someone else dreaming that you are you? That you have heard this all this before?

I used to feel like that all the time! I tried to peel back the scenery, test the walls, break out of the dream. Kind of like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show. Despite my best efforts, the waking nightmare of daily drudge confronted me every morning, and then it was time for school. In this case, the end was never nigh!

And then I got Enlightened! And did the dream end? No, it didn't - because it is a dream. But clearly it is a dream now. And then there is Reality. Upon Enlightenment I connected to Reality. Now Reality is my reality and not the waking dream.

In this online class I am going to make the illusion transparent and obvious. I am going to bring the Twin Towers of your prized concepts tumbling down. You will return to Ground Zero for your Ego. You will rebuild your life from the Pure Beginning, coming back to Reality, moving now from the Source of Creation.

Listen in on this live online class if you want the answers which will wake you up to Reality.

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Further Live Transmission & Enlightenment Teaching classes are expected to continue on 10th April - stay tuned. Always note the start time for your time zone.

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