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10 Apr 2011. Sunday. 5-6.30pm Helsinki (3pm London, 10am New York)
The Butt of Existence's Jokes? Lighten Up!

Dropped on your head. Lost without a map home. Welcome to Existence 101. The fun starts tonight. Lighten up and join the light show!
I can't help laughing at the title of this live online class. I wonder if I am going to laugh from start to finish. Get a grip of yourself, Dave! Enlightenment is a serious endeavour. So it is!

But you can't fail to notice that we are so desperately, so hopelessly, lost, poor and bereft of support, guidance and nourishment. Or so it seems. I want to let that sink in like water draining through the sand. A realisation slipping between your fingers. Grasping slipped, seeing blind, hearing silence.

So here you are. Big ideas, even bigger ears, tuned like a satellite dish to the Divine, massive plans - a Consciousness the size of Creation - all squeezed into a pint size human form whose body clock is ticking towards the red zone faster than a downtown parking meter. So much to do, so little time and you haven't a clue.

It's as if Existence dropped you, dressed up as Cinderella, on your head from on high in the sky, and as you woke up to your predicament, ran behind a wall to watch you, laughing it's head off. Who am I? Where did I come from? What am I to do? - Does anyone ever stop asking those questions?

Well, you never have to stop asking, but you can get them answered when you get Enlightened because you aren't actually cut off from the clues.

Enlightened/unenlightened - it's a huge joke of mega-cosmic proportions. All you can really do is laugh. So lighten up on your spiritual path. Take time to breathe. Enjoy. Recognise the absurdity.

I laugh every day that "I got Enlightened". It's absurd. I was the last person anyone expected to get Enlightened. I was the very last person who thought I would get Enlightened. I even argued that Enlightenment probably did not exist. Just before I gave up on the drama, the next level happened, I got Enlightened. Now I am an Enlightened Person. That's hilarious and surreal. I talk to people who say they are unenlightened. That's unreal!

So now every day is a living comedy sketch.

You are not going to beat life. You are in existence - and nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to change that fact. So laugh along with it and maybe you might just see it as it really is!

Clues, laughs and more … one time only in this online class!

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