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17 Apr 2011. Sunday. 5-6.30pm Helsinki (3pm London, 10am New York)
Co-Creating: Exactly How Are You Going to Empower the Universe?

Co-creating with the Universe is a serious business - not one to be left to chance. Take it easy, relax, the good news is that you are already co-creating, you just have not realised it - until now. Rise up, take hold of the reins now and join this internet class.
Up until now, you probably have seen yourself as being a sole dependant of universal largesse. Never would it have occurred to you that you could contribute a single thing, beyond de rigueur pee, poo and YouTube, if there were not for registered charities knocking on your door to plant a tree in your name.

However, every step and breath you take, inspite of your oblivious unawareness, contributes to universal well-being. Becoming aware of this fact, on an on-going daily basis, would ease your chronic existential guilt and release a whole load of tension. Furthermore, cognizing your valid, valuable and essential place in the universal scheme of things, both visible and invisible, would make life not only enjoyable but meaningful too!

Tune into your self as you tune into this live online class. Go on a voyage of self-discovery. Travel to the outer reaches of the knowable Creation. Experience the coming together of the infinite inner and the seemingly unlimited outer.

As an added bonus, I will probably throw in the ability to see your future, capture your visions, clean up your goal-laden plans and work with the Higher Power. Upon leaving the theatre, would you please leave your 3D specs at the door?

All this and possibly less - much less is best, more is not necessarily better - but probably more, in this live online class.

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Further Live Transmission & Enlightenment Teaching classes are expected to continue on 8th May - stay tuned. Always note the start time for your time zone.

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