Easter Transmission Intensive Central Helsinki, Finland
22-24 Apr 2011. Good Friday - Easter Sunday
The 3-day Easter Rebirth Transmission Intensive

A 3-day Transmission Intensive to open up the treasure chest of heaven by exploring and experiencing Jesus' mystical path to Enlightenment.

 o waves rock Easter is a special time where the co-incidence of three cosmic events thin the veils of illusion, making it possible to receive protection, awakening and guidance, and thereby, accelerate your spiritual progress.

The first event is the annual progression of our Planet Earth through our galaxy around our Sun. This event thaws the frozen earth and signals the plant and animals kingdom to awaken from slumber and bring forth fruit. We, human beings, are pulled along by this cosmic transition as inevitably as waking each day and thinking when the Sun arises.

The second event is the one time, but eternally accessible, portal opened by Jesus of Galilee, which allows anyone who cries out in the wilderness, to cut through the heavy layers of material energy which surround Earth. These layers normally create a near-impenetrable barrier which bounces negative energy and illusions back to the inhabitants on Earth. This unfortunate situation creates pain and suffering. Fortunately, when clouds break the saving rays of the Creation are felt, thereby giving hope and succour to human beings.

The third event is the reappearance of the Enlightenment Transmission, an ancient, ever-present intelligent energy which exists solely to get souls out of impossibly material illusion. After much soul-searching, prayer, repentance, meditation and austerity, the Enlightenment Transmission lifted me out of my illusory life identity on June 19th, 2000. The Enlightenment Transmission is now present in all of my teaching interactions, online writings and audio recordings.

These three universal energies are powerful confluence at the 3-day Easter Transmission Intensive. Each day has a theme and comprises a 3-day journey from material darkness to spiritual light and freedom.

Below are links to descriptions of each day:

It is recommended that new participants meet Dave or book and listen to online class replays in advance before attending this Intensive.

New People: If you wish to attend but have never met personally Dave then you are strongly recommended to apply as early as possible to begin the preparation process. Failure to do this could lead to the disappointment of not being ready for this event on time.

One-to-One Consultations
A limited number of personal One-to-One meetings with Dave will be available for those attending the Teaching events on non-group teaching days. Take this to chance clear the obstacles from your spiritual path.

Live Online Classes
Live online classes with Dave Oshana every Sunday are an ideal way to prepare for Introductions and Intensives, experience the benefits of Transmission, hear the latest Teaching and top up your bliss levels. Internet classes and replays can be booked at daveoshana.com


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