Easter Transmission Intensive Central Helsinki, Finland
23 Apr 2011. Easter Saturday. 11:00-17:00
The Inner Spiritual Battle with Things Known and Unknown

On Day 2 you will face the battle of a lifetime and emerge with all the resources which you need to fulfil your life mission.

 o waves rock On Day 2 of the 3-day Easter Transmission Intensive you will feel the heat of your choices. You have moved mid-way between the old world and the new world. Like Abraham, you have left your hometown after breaking the precious idols because they contain nothing for you.

But you carry within you psychological idols which are not so easy to break and leave behind - and your ego will not let you forget nor rest. Supposedly, you made an unbreakable contract to stick fast to a certain persona and character.

Like a recovering addict, it will take all your strength to battle against the phantoms of your past, the familiar but unhealthy habits, the hoped-for but never arriving comforts.

To stay the course, you need to call upon phenomenal resources, which unbeknown to you are deep within you. As you learn to call out to God, you will scratch beneath the sand to find a living spring of life and hidden help.

This is a path you will ultimately walk alone but not until the power of the Universe is with you by the end of Day 2.

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It is recommended that new participants meet Dave or book and listen to online class replays in advance before attending this Intensive.

New People: If you wish to attend but have never met personally Dave then you are strongly recommended to apply as early as possible to begin the preparation process. Failure to do this could lead to the disappointment of not being ready for this event on time.

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