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22 May 2011. Sunday. 6-7.30pm Helsinki (4pm London, 11am New York)
Beyond Psychology: Healing the Ancestral Memory of Existence

If you are to have peace in this world, and the next, then your ancestral tree has to cleaned of unresolved psychological issues. This unavoidable work must be completed before you leave this planet. You will do it for yourself and everyone. This is non-negotiable.

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For solving world problems, the macro view, particularly politics and economics are the bludgeons of choice for top-down power brokers. At the grass-roots, intermediate, level are community-building projects. The individual, micro, level drills down to psychology: fix the individual and thereby heal the world. All are valid, but none of these approaches, taken individually nor collectively, provide a comprehensive solution.

The causes of mankind's problems are invisible, only the manifestations are visible. Science and academic pursuits continually gnaw at the invisible trying, by all means possible, to get her to give up her secrets. Unless we come close to Mother Nature, how on Earth could we ever begin to understand her, much less the Cosmos?

Soul-destroying dysfunction wells up from deep within the individual, ruining personal and international relationships. How deep is the rabbit hole? Should we stop at the Unconscious? How about childhood? The womb? Past lives? What about the start of Creation? Did the Big Bang traumatise burgeoning sub-atomic particles thus creating the prototype for free radicals or the inexhaustible desire for mind-stopping orgasms?

Psychotherapists tend to end up digging into childhood for assumed original causes of adult distress. The child is seen as the recipient, the reservoir, of unprocessed parental dysfunction. “If you parent's had it then so will you. It's congenital and it's catching.” It's a theory that has some cache. In many cases the apple never seems to fall far from the tree, and if it does then the anomaly is explained away as reactive behaviour. The message is that your parents created you cell by cell - emotionally, cognitively and socially. It's a prison but your friendly psychotherapist will become your mind's interior decorator, landscaper and even architect. You prison will seem like home – as it does! Exceptionally, you might break free. However, such cases are rare, partly because your view of the world and yourself would have to be dumped on upside-down on its head. Doing that comfortable, conveniently and safely is my job as a spiritual teacher, but I digress.

If parent's are the progenitors of all problems, then you are a product of compound mental interest. At least three thousand generations have poured their unresolved mental waste into your nervous system. Small wonder that the world is a crazy place, huh? But who can heal such super-subconscious deviations? If it's virtually impossible to get at the stuff relating to what happened just a few decades ago, then how likely is it that you can explore and excoriate unresolved charge which happened thousands of years before you were born, in a culture and country far from life as you currently know it?

The modern skeptical life/death model is one of discrete units, humans, coming from nothing and returning to nothing. The view of energy, in this case, is allowed to break the Laws of Thermodynamics, since souls can theoretically expire permanently without a trace. In the scientific mind, even concepts, in a Plato's Ideal World vers. 2, are allowed to enjoy eternity in the form of memes. This meme, the meme that memes exist, will live forever – or perhaps it won't.

What if soul's don't expire? What if they live forever? If we look at a forest we see discrete trees. But the trees are interconnected, in all sorts of ways, including through fungal infections. Mushrooms have the capability to grow under the surface of the earth and to pop up here and there. On the surface the fungi seem unconnected but below ground they are part of one organism.

A human being, is a soul in a body. That soul is connected to its ancestors, the ancestors are all inter-connected, forming the shape of a tree. You don't solve your ancestral problems only within yourself. You solve them by taking the problems back to your ancestors and resolving them there. And your ancestors need help - just as you will do if you end up in the spirit world unprepared! Life in the after-world changes a person's perspective. Without earthly distractions they tend to focus on whatever is before them, typically that means their unresolved issues (although there are some nice spiritual perks and benefits to be had too). In the end, your ancestors cannot resolve certain issues which relate to former earthly lives, they need the assistance of a living physical person. That person is you. If you are spiritual, sensitive, emotional or intuitive then the chances are that you will carry the burden for your whole family.

This subject is not yet complete, because you are interconnected to everyone else, by Consciousness, by planet, by birth and by Universe. Human being's ancestral trees overlap. Not only will you be called upon to heal your own ancestral tree but also the trees of others. This is unavoidable.

If you want to know why you or others have unresolvable problems, fears, jealousy and paranoias then listen to this class. It will take the blinkers off your spiritual eyes and help you put the limitations of psychotherapy and politics into a proper perspective.

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