Summer Island Retreat The Islands, Finland
16-23 July 2011. Saturday-Saturday
Giving Up, Giving In, Getting Out and Coming Back

The Enlightenment Transmission cleans, restructures and gets you into Beingness. This event is life-transforming. Only attend it if you enjoy healthy change.

teaching class pierThe annual Summer Island Retreat, the biggest, most intense Enlightenment Transmission event of the year. Are you ready? You had better be. There is absolutely no way to prepare for the Enlightenment Transmission except by being in it.

The Transmission cleans, restructures and resurrects parts of your Being which you never even knew you had.

Only come to this retreat if you are ready to joyously face yourself and all those little discomforting bits which you wish you had under control but really never did have. They will all be activated - in the sweetest, most gentle way possible. Better you do it now, before you get old or your life force diminishes. Avoid storing up regrets by recovering your original life purpose and rediscovering your Original Self while you still have time.

o-pier-finger-thumbIf you are registering for this Retreat then clean, clear and empty yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Clean out the toxins, drop the heavy thoughts in a hole and let those stuck emotions blow away. Drink lots of water. Take long showers. Eat ultra-fresh living foods and juices. Get enough rest. In this way you will have part prepared yourself. The remainder can only be processed by The Transmission.

To get the most from this Retreat you need to be ready. As empty of distraction as possible and full of vitality and creativity. You need to take have a day off before the Retreat and a mini-holiday afterwards. The effects of The Transmission will reverberate through your life and all your relationships for many weeks after the Retreat. If you allow space for this then you will be blessed.

Registration for this event starts 1 year in advance. Space and accommodation is limited. Self-preparation can take several weeks. So, if you want to attend then please make your intentions known to Oshana Finland as early as possible. Every year we have to turn seekers away because of insufficient preparation.

This event is life-transforming. The real benefits infinite, beyond imagination and outside of all form. When you know this place then you will be Home and my work will be complete.

An Organic Island In A Peaceful Sea

retreat energy-work fieldThe Island - a beautiful pine forested island with neighbouring organic farming, bumbling bee hives and beaches booked by us during Finland's sunniest and warmest month.

Organic, Macrobiotic Foods

Our skilled cooks lovingly create nutritious fresh meals every day incorporating Dave Oshana's energetic cooking principles and recommendations. Ingredients are local grown organic (where possible) or from recognised macrobiotic food suppliers.

Wild, Wild Nature

Pine forests, sea water and huge ice age rocks are everywhere. Local animal nightlife includes elk, deer, badgers and swans. Once a year the neighbouring sheep join us in maintaining our lawn. Raw grass is healthy and nutritious.

Joyful Forest Fruits

Healthy nature walks are enjoyably supplemented with handfuls of delicious wild strawberries and blueberries conveniently available for the forest underfoot. Don't wear white pants.

Rude Health Rustic Facilities

Canoe and rowing boats (when not broken by overenthusiastic strokers), traditional wood-fired sauna, camping facilities with rustic kamina stove and natural fresh-water wells. Sometimes a trampoline (when not in repair after professional athlete took a joyride on it), volley ball, badminton, Finnish rules baseball and a game called Uno.

Award-Winning Pine Pyramid Teaching Hall

retreat pierTeaching happens everywhere and anywhere. In the eating area, down on the sandy beach, out on the pier, in the sauna (rarely), over on our smaller rocky island, in the field, out on the trail, around the fire pit,through the interconnecting space in the lavatorial confession style eco-toilets (a testimony to human ingenuity).

Teaching is especially supposed to happen in the meeting hall designed by an award-winning Finnish architect to fit unobtrusively into the natural forest surrounds - but given that there are so many potential teaching spaces we can only tale advantage of it some of the time.

Of Course, Predictably Spiritual Teaching & Excessive Amounts of Enlightenment Transmission

o reflectiveTeaching activities are determined by the needs of those present and the topics being explored. Although, the teaching agenda is shrouded in mystery, we can reveal that previous retreats have included gathering herbs and berries for special desserts and then eating them, water splash-down competitions, mystery walks, even more mysterious and obscure chants from exotic ancient cultures, Lapland and Far East London, making a lot of noise (but only for limited periods), frequent loo visits - and in addition as an extra bonus: Dave talking, Oshana Energy-Work Method classes, never before revealed guided meditations, deeply effective and incredibly lazy Oshana Massage Techniques, even more questions and even more answers, certain experiential exercises which cannot be revealed in advance without spoiling the surprise, energy-foods cooking (not so common on retreats less than 11 days long), lifestyle guidance, fashion advice (whether you want it or not) and mini-One-to-Ones.

Finally, and hopefully you read the list above and got exhausted, this Retreat has one hugely priceless platinum gift - The Enlightenment Transmission - on tap 24 hours a day. Enlightenment Teaching is nothing without The Enlightenment Transmission. Spirituality is an empty casket without Enlightenment. No offense to empty caskets - the ancient Egyptians found them quite useful.

Oh, and one other thing, a sense of humour is required.

See these outdated (and unsupported by our cutting edge webmaster, who is developing ground-breaking techniques to serve up - let's see how long this comment is allowed to stay up) web-pages:
Enlightenment Transmission Retreat and our natural island idyll

Travel & Accommodation Within Finland

retreat sunset seaOshana Finland will assist with travel within Finland, where possible, to and from the Retreat. We currently do not have a Lapland shuttle service but we often can arrange a few lifts from downtown Helsinki. We will prioritise car lifts according to a strict set of criteria: pregnant ladies, women with children, men who can convince us that they are pregnant, international participants who cannot speak a word of Finnish (please submit yourself for a language test one week prior to the Retreat, non-Finns who can speak Finnish and Finns who can prove their ancestry going back seven generations. We reserve the right to change these criteria without further notice. Oh, and the first ride generally gets allocated Dave otherwise he would end up on the Karelian border.

We have been able to assist overseas students with short-term accommodation in Helsinki - good company and sauna. However, hotels are generally easier to arrange. We can supply a list of both reasonably priced and extravagant and outrageous hotels.

Register Now - Limited Places

Spaces are limited and can fill up suddenly. Book or pre-register now. Prior experience of Oshana teaching is required.

Orientation will be e-mailed closer to the Retreat time.


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