Enlightenment Transmission Intensive London, UK
31 July 2011. Sunday. 12:00-18:00
Easy Ways to Deeply Understand Yourself, Life and Relationships

An easy way to understand, learn and resolve some of life's biggest issues.

 teaching class pier DaveOshana.com. Please e-mail to receive advice.

One-to-One Consultations
Personal One-to-One meetings with Dave will be limited to participants attending the Teaching events on non-group teaching days and represents a chance to clear the obstacles from your spiritual path. On this visit Dave will almost certainly not be able to fit in face-to-face One-to-Ones but you can apply in case slots become available on this, or future visits, or you can book phone/Skype One-to-Ones.

Live Online Classes
Live online classes with Dave Oshana every Sunday are an ideal way to prepare for Introductions and Intensives, experience the benefits of Transmission, hear the latest Teaching and top up your bliss levels. Internet classes and replays can be booked at DaveOshana.com where there is an amply stocked library of Dave Oshana's classes awaiting your aural enjoyment at Dave Oshana Online Classes. Dave's Live Transmission classes resume on Sunday 4th September.


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Live Online Spiritual Classes

  • 4 Sep Live Transmission Online Class

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