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Personal Spiritual Guidance Zoom, Skype, Mumble, Jitsi or Phone
9 Jan - 22 Mar 2018. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
Consciousness One-to-Ones on Internet or Phone
One To Ones with Dave Oshana long-distance. Spiritual guidance, enlightened advice and integration of the Enlightenment Transmission. Personal spiritual help. When we meet Transmission the spiritual quest is virtually done.
Live Online Event Online Call
21 Jan 2018. Sunday. 7pm-10pm Helsinki (5pm London, Noon New York)
The Ego's Graveyard: Where Egos Go To Die
Continuing the direct approach to awakening involving direct interactions with audience participants with the aim to produce Ego-dropping insights.
Enlightenment Transmission Retreat The Islands, Finland
25 Feb-4 Mar 2018. Sunday 6pm-Sunday 4pm
Pure Presence (7-Day Winter Island Retreat)
This Retreat will revert to the early humorous Dave Oshana style. Retro-style, retro-grade, pure stuff. Presence is the present.
Enlightenment Transmission Retreat The Islands, Finland
2-9 Aug 2018. Thursday 6pm-Thursday 4pm
A Secret Spiritual Love Affair
And on the 7th Day God created the Enlightenment Transmission Summer Island Retreat.

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