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Oshana Energy-Work Method Class Helsinki, Finland
16 Sep 2017. Saturday. 11am - 3pm
Core Training in Advanced Oshana Energy-Work Method
Oshana Energy-Work Method - essential for a truly happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Enlightenment happens in the body then the mind. Reverse "aging", increase intelligence and develop a warm glow.
Live Online Call Internet-International
17 Sep 2017. Sunday. 7pm-10pm Helsinki (5pm London, Noon New York)
The Incredibly Blissful Experience of Being an Enlightenment Transmission Consciousness Pump
Enlightenment has a simple pure aesthetic quality that creates an immediate feeling of deeply profound comfort, joy and pleasure. Only the Enlightenment Transmission can deliver the incredible priceless gift of Consciousness.
FREE Live Online Call Internet-International
11 Nov 2017. Sunday. 8pm-11:00pm Helsinki (6pm London, 1pm New York)
11:11 @11 Enlightenment Transmission Online Class
Free live online video event to celebrate and share the powerful life-changing effects of the Enlightenment Transmission together. Join, see each other, enjoy the Enlightenment Transmission experience.
Enlightenment Transmission Retreat The Islands, Finland
2-9 Aug 2018. Thursday 6pm-Thursday 4pm
A Secret Spiritual Love Affair
And on the 7th Day God created the Enlightenment Transmission Summer Island Retreat.

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