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Online Event
24 Nov 2019. Sunday. 7pm-10pm Helsinki (5pm London, Noon New York)
Enlightenment Without The Cliches: Sharing What I Have Always Wanted To Share
I want to get away from all of the Enlightenment cliches and what participants may want or think that they want, because I want to share what I have always wanted to share.
Online Event
1 Dec 2019. Sunday. 7pm-10pm Helsinki (5pm London, Noon New York)
Effortless Soul Solutions: Keep Doing, What You Keep Doing It To Me
When Life Seems to Be Not Working When It In Fact Is
Personal Spiritual Guidance Zoom, Skype, Mumble, Jitsi or Phone
22 Oct-18 Dec 2019. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
Consciousness One-to-Ones on Internet or Phone
The miraculous benefits of Enlightenment Transmission in online sessions with enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana. Spiritual guidance, enlightened advice and integration. Personal spiritual help.
Enlightenment Transmission Retreat The Islands, Finland
8-15 Feb 2020. Saturday 6pm-Saturday 4pm
From Surreal to Real: Group Enlightenment Island Retreat
The most intense Enlightenment Transmission experience available in the world. 1000 times more powerful than any Intensive. Pre-registering now. Spaces are limited.
Enlightenment Transmission Retreat The Islands, Finland
12-19 Jun 2020. Friday 6pm-Friday 4pm
20 Years of Enlightenment Day Midsummer Island Retreat
Directly experience the raw power of 20 years of Enlightenment and miraculous Enlightenment Day phenomena on 19th June, and the midnight sun. Pre-registering now.

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