Teaching Structure Changes in 2006


Structural changes to Oshana Enlightenment Teaching courses are expected to be implemented throughout 2006.


Currently, Oshana teaching time is mostly dedicated to quickly integrating new seekers into advanced spiritual programmes. However, certain long-time committed students who attend these advanced spiritual programmes are now ready for more specific instruction.

It therefore makes sense to divide the teaching groups. The division would be based up certain criteria, such as, ability, understanding, awareness, ethics and commitment. Ideally, basic spiritual instruction would be delivered by qualified students, allowing Oshana free-time to deliver advanced spiritual teaching.

Proposed Teaching Changes

  • Teaching in Finland will focus on the spiritual needs of the most committed students.
  • One-to-Ones will offered first to the most committed students (except when overseas students visit).
  • New students will need to complete a series of structured lessons before gaining access to more advanced courses.
  • There will be fewer introduction meetings (in Finland).
  • Beginner's courses could be taught by qualified Oshana students.
  • Oshana will teach a maximum of 7.5 months in Finland.
  • New overseas students will be offered fast-track integration programmes lasting several days before attending Retreats as part of the “Gateway to Enlightenment”.
  • Oshana UK Teaching programmes will be expanded over 2006 (time permitting).
  • Non-residential 2-day city-based Intensives will be offered to lower the costs incurred by residential courses.
  • Oshana will create distance learning opportunities including books, CDs and DVDs.
  • Teaching prices, some of which are currently the lowest ever, are set to rise in 2006. Open-to-all teaching events can no longer be offered for free as they do not cover basic costs.
  • A donation mechanism will be enabled for those who want to freely contribute to Oshana Enlightenment Teaching programmes.


Students wishing to take advantage of the current low prices, less demanding application and preparation procedures and direct personal instruction from Dave Oshana should apply for the last few remaining classes of 2005.


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