Oshana Enlightenment Introductions

" Always new, relevant and exciting "

A rare opportunity to directly experience the Enlightenment Teaching and Transmission, ask questions, clear up misconceptions, make new discoveries and realise that Enlightenment in this lifetime is a real possibility.

Enlightenment Introductions are always new and exciting.

They normally consist of:

- an Enlightenment Teaching overview
- Oshana's personal testimony
- questions & answers
- self-enquiry dialogues with Oshana
- self-discovery experiments
- Oshana Energy-Work Method & wake-up exercises

Enlightenment Introductions are perfect for new inquirers and existing students who wish to stay up-to-date with Teaching developments, and experience the Transmission in a ever-new contexts.

Attendance of one or more Enlightenment Introductions is a typical entrance requirement for Enlightenment Intensives, group and private meetings with Oshana.


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