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A seeker in America asks Dave Oshana about preparing for an upcoming Enlightenment Retreat. Oshana gives advice and emphasizes that following it is very important.

Seeker: Well, it's looking good for me to join this intensive now. My wife understands this is important to me.

Oshana: Good.

Be aware that you are going to change both inside and outside, physically and energetically. A strong clearing energy will come in to your life and people around you will act favourably or the opposite!

So I'm planning on booking the flight soon and getting everything in order. What other preparations do you suggest I take prior to the intensive.

Since you are quite new to these Intensives, even though:

Having mentioned all that - the Enlightenment Retreats are unimaginably powerful, and way-beyond any Advaita or Papaji-student satsang which as aimed at general awakening not the full-package which would be a total transformation of your mind, body and life.

Given all that - you should take the advice seriously and start detoxing today! Eat carrots and cucumbers instead of candies and sweets.

You need to give yourself space and time to come down from your busy life -

Oh, should I send money soon for the booking?

Not yet but your place is confirmed. Further orientation information will be emailed to you before the event.

How are accommodations arranged?

Generally there are 2-4 people sharing in each room in a farmhouse. Finnish countryside accommodation is very simple, not like an American hotel so I am told. I really like it.

I have no problem with a bedroll on the floor but if you require students to get a room nearby I should be able to do that as well.

Well, you will be more than comfortable then. All students stay on the premises so that they get maximum transmission, can awaken early for the energy-work, have good energy food and so that their needs can be monitored.

I'm just so happy for a chance to finally meet you and the others whose names I've seen.

Yes, they are all exceptional people.

Also really study and apply the advice in the following web-pages, few people get it 100%, and there have to be exceptions to some general rules (which I will write about in future) but it's for your own benefit:

Good luck and best wishes,

Dave O


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